Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New Deercreek Body tubing.

This tubing is a new product from Deercreek and it is amazing!!

It makes perfect baitfish bodies and has a great scale like effect when lightly coated in UV resin. Use promarkers to colour it if you wish for extra realism.Simply tie it in at the front and give the tubing a light coat of UV resin, compress to the shape you want and cure the resin with your torch and Hey-Presto you have a great looking minnow body.

The tubing is approx 8mm wide but when compressed it streches to a whopping 20mm! The only other tubing to do this is E-Z body and that costs a fortune!

Grab some while you can from

Tight lines.......Rich

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Finally a good Pike and Saltwater dubbing brush

Finalyy there is a great dubbing brush on the market that is aimed at the Pike and Saltwater fly tyer. The fibres are around 4" long and have a fine angel hair flash blended through them. The overall length of each brush is around 15" and I have managed to get 4 size 2/0 kinky muddlers out of 1 brush!

If you are interested please contact me at


Monday, 1 October 2012

NEW Materials fish scale flash

I have been searching for a flash material that gives a scale like appearence when used in a baitfish pattern and finally I have found what I am looking for "fish scale flash"

It is a mylar type material that is crimped to give it a multi faceted appearence and has an opal mirage finish to give it great light reflecting qualities.

Great tied in on its own to create a complete baitfish or use with other materials for a more subtle look.

Please feel free to contact me on if you are interested.

Tight lines.........Rich