Thursday, 25 February 2010

New ties:

Hi all.

Apologies for not updating the blog these last few days,various other things have taken up my time.

Whilst tidying my kids bedroom I came across some material that looked like a nylon braid,it was attached to a pen that had broke so I thought I will have a go at making something from it and here are the results.

There is 30lb mono running inside the tubing as well as some orange crystal flash. I think the fly turned out rather well and I cant wait to try it on the pike.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fleyez and Eyez.......

I came across these iridescent eyes a while ago and immediately thought that they where the most realistic stick on fish eye I had ever seen!! They shimmer in the light and have the same translucent quality of a real fish eye. Perfect for adding to a realistic baitfish pattern!
Email if you are interested in the eyes.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Handmade Hair Stackers!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was struggling stacking some very long Bucktail in my Dr Slick hair stacker, every time I banged the stacker to line up the points the hair would come out and go everywhere!

I told a friend at my local tackle shop of the problem and he said that most hair stackers are simply not tall enough to cope with long bucktail and I had to do it the old fashioned way and line them up by hand.

I mentioned this problem to my Father and he came up with the idea of making our own stackers! After a few attempts we finally got it right and here are the results... I think they look far nicer than any commercially available stackers and being handmade they can be customised to your own needs.
Email if you are intersted in having your own custom hair stacker made

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Awesome saltwater, pike eyes!!

Hi all......

I have just aquired some really nice holographic eyes. These have either a micro glitter effect or tiny little holographic squares. (I have scanned the eyes at high res so you can see the detail).

In natural light they have an almost rainbow effect to them and I am sure will prove to be a great target point for any predatory fish.

Anybody wanting a few freebies just email me and I will give you details for sending me a stamped addressed envelope. Email is at top right of page..

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Metz Magnum Saddles....

I have a fairly good selection of standard Metz and Whiting saddles in various colours and have been using them primarily for tying in whole across the back of pike/saltwater flies. My only problem with these hackles is they are very fine and can break easily, although on a plus side they do have fantastic movement in water!

A few months ago I came across the Metz range of 'Magnum' saddles and I immediately knew these where what I had been looking for.....

They have fantastic movement in water,good length and more importantly seem stronger than the standard saddle feathers. They come in a great range of colours,perfect for the more brightly coloured Pike/Saltwater flies I tie!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Simply a beautiful colour.....

A friend of mine owns a tackle business in the north of England and he dyes various materials in the most exquisite colours I have ever seen! He is not afraid to experiment and will mix several different dyes to achieve the colour he wants. I have had several Metz saddles off him and each one is stunning but my favourite has to be this one (hot orange badger). The colours have to be seen in daylight to be really appreciated,the whole saddle almost glows!!

I have tied a variant of my Hybrid pattern on a strong but fine wire hook and dressed it fairly sparse using the saddle hackles for the back. I have also left in alot of the 'fluff' at the head of the fly as this gives it added movement.