Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Flies and the BFFI

Hi all

I have been very busy lately what with work, family and other commitments so apologies for the lack of recent posting.

I was a guest on the Deer Creek stand at the BFFI this year and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I got to meet up with some old friends as well as meet new ones and as per usual spent too much money......

My 10 year old |son Oliver was also tying on the Deer Creek stand and spent most of Sunday sitting next to Dave Lindsay showing him how its really done! (just kidding dave). Dave is a really great guy and took time out of his tying to help Oliver out when he needed it as I was busy wandering around trying to convince my wife to buy me a new vice! (fat chance of that)

I would like to say a great big thank you to Nik and Jen for having us on their stand over the weekend and also to John Horsfall, Dai Jones, Dave Lindsay and Bob and Sue swan from Castle feathers for making it a memorable weekend.

I have long had a fascination with Saltwater flies,, especially the shrimp patterns, and have been spending WAY too much time perfecting my own pattern. It still needs work but is slowly getting there. I have also rekindled my passion for EP fibre and have been knocking up some small baitfish patterns ready for when the weather improves (if it ever will).

Anyway, I have a half finished shrimp sat in my vice that really needs finishing so until next time....

Tight Lines