Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gliss n Glint flies and new colour sparkle fibre

My "go to" Pike fly. 3/0 3407 SS and Deer Creek Gliss n Glint Plus. This fly has probably caught more Pike for me than any other I have used and continues to catch when other flies fail. Very easy to tie in a range of sizes and colours to suit any situation.

I am planning a trip later this year for me and my dad to go river perch fishing on the fly. He has not fly fished for many years mainly due to health reasons so I am really looking forward to taking him. Although its at least 2 months away I have been busy knocking up some perchy bite sized flies.

Finally I have gotten round to blending up a new colour of "sparkle fly fibre" and it looks simply stunning. Its a blend of pinks,whites and lilac and looks like rapberry ripple so that what I am going to call it. It has some very subtle flash colours running through it along with some DNA holofusion and I am confident its going to be a fish catcher.

Tight lines.....>Rich

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Deer Creek Crystal Dumbbell eyes

I have been playing around with the DC dumbbell eyes and the more I use them the more I like them!!

You can tie them anywhere on the hook shank and create a baitfish pattern around them! I chose to do a simple Enrico |Puglisi style baitfish with 6mm dumbbell's tied in near the front of the hook. The glow in the dark backs are really bright and a bonus when fishing in murky water.

appearing soon over at Deer creek.

Tight lines.....Rich

Monday, 19 March 2012

NEW Deer Creek baitfish tubing and Diamond Fine UV resin.

This new baitfish tubing from Deer Creek is awesome stuff! Very similar to E-Z body and at a fraction of the cost. The tubing retains its round shape much like E-Z body and comes in several different colours and sizes.

The tubing is excellent for everything from simple baitfish patterns to more complex flies and is so easy to use....

This small Jack Pike pattern was created using the large pearl tubing coloured with pro markers and coated in the new Diamond thin UV resin.

Whilst on the subject of UV resins I have been playing around with the new DC diamond fine and have to say it is excellent!! The resin is just the right thickness for coating just about anything from small buzzers to large baitfish patterns. It is not as thin as the Bug Bond lite which is good news as that stuff is way too thin for my liking. it is somewhere in between BB lite and DC Diamond Hard.

Look out for the baitfish tubing appearing soon over at Deer Creek.

Tight lines.....Rich

Pike Tube fly + others.

The tube fly is dressed on a tubeology large brass tube with a silver turbo cone for better water displacement.

Hareline barred Zonker and Finn Racoon are the main materials with some rainbow crystal flash and rubber legs for extra attraction.. I|wanted to put in a white tail but ran out of white zonker....:o(

The extended mono fly is tied on 4/0 eagle claw with the hook point and curve cut off leaving just the shank. |A piece of 100lb mono is tied between the trailing circle hook and the main hook shank. This acts as a semi stiff link to stop the circle hook from tangling as well as keeping it at the rear of the fly. The 100lb mono is plenty enough to prevent the pikes teeth from chewing through, although if you are still not happy then a length of 20lb coated wire can easily be tied in and loosely wound round the mono.

The final fly is a simple little streamer type fly tied on a 2/0 3407 pattern hook and has taken both Pike and perch at my local canal. You could tie this on a smaller lighter wire hook if you wish but I tied this for the Pike so I wanted it that bit heavier.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Using the new dumbbell eyes.

I tied up a couple of quick flies today using the new dumbbell eyes and I am really impressed with them!
The glow in the dark eyes have a disc on the back of each eye that glows really brightly and also makes for a great extra anchor point for the eyes should you need it.

The dumbbell eyes on the last fly where large enough to allow the finn raccoon to pass through the middle of them and be tied off right at the eyes. Makes for a much neater fly in my opinion.

Tight lines....Rich

Friday, 9 March 2012

NEW mono dumbbell eyes coming soon!

We have been developing these eyes for a while now and hope to release them in the near future. We have tried our best to keep the weight down by not piling on unneccessary amounts of resin on the back (unlike some others on the market) so as not to add extra weight to the fly.

Best of all they are being produced in the UK not thailand!!

The eyes in the picture are just test samples. The final product will have an excellent range of colours and sizes and will be sold in packs of 10.

Tight lines......Rich

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Deer Creek Ultra Shrimp

I decided to have a go at tying a semi-realistic shrimp pattern using the Diamond Hard resin and after a few failed attempts I finally came up with this.

The most time consuming part is preparing the peneopods (walking feeding legs) as they require the use of a glue gun and marker pens to complete.
For the eyes I decided to use  3mm standard epoxy eyes rather than a burnt mono as I wanted to create a target point on the shrimp

Here is a materials list.

Hook, #2 930 stainless
Thread, burnt orange 140 UTC
Walking legs, white super hair, glue gun and marker pens and a few bucktail strands to bulk out.
swimming legs, White Deer Creek flunkibou dubbed onto thread.
Carapace, White super hair shaped and coated with diamond hard and marker pen to colour.
Tail, white super hair coloured with pen and coated in diamond hard.
Feelers, 2 strands of bucktail

Tight lines.....Rich